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The quality control

Company according to the product quality, established a strict quality inspection system. Company for all links related to the product quality control and strict management, the establishment of a scientific inspection standard, and has carried on the quantitative test indicators, responsibility to the people, to ensure sustained and stable production of qualified products of the company.
Engineering consulting

Economic benefit analysis of engineering consulting for clients, including cost analysis and profit estimates
All test equipment and methods to guarantee the reliability of the from the blank to the finished product
Strength and sealing performance testing machine, from forging to forming, the whole process through the strict inspection and testing, to be able to trace
Quality management
Testing equipment
Company to pursue production accuracy, the elaboration.
Constantly improve their own way to lean production, including every parts and components, all in strict accordance with the standard meticulously, to ensure the high quality of the product
About sales staff free, experienced technical personnel to guide on the telephone and network access. Customers may at any time inquire in the operating process, such as a telephone can't solve, we will send professional and technical personnel to the scene of the customer
After-sales service