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Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company is located in Hongzhou Industry Park of Hui county in Henan. It is next to the Taihang Mountains which is known as Chinese strength of character in the south, next to Bali Gou scenic which is one of the most beautiful scenic in Asia in the east. Qianjin Group has the total area of about 600 acres, the total assets of 650 million yuan, and more than 680 employees. The annual capacity is about 100,000 tons of steel castings. The environment around is elegant and the transport is convenient. Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company is one of the largest private casting enterprises in Asia and has achieved IOS9001 quality management system certification, China Classification Society Certification (CCS), and France BV certification.

Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company is well-equipped with advanced production equipment and testing equipment. The driving has a single maximum capacity of 300 tons. Our company is also equipped with three electric arc furnace of 5 tons, 30 tons, 80 tons respectively, one duplex LF refining furnace of 120 tons, 20 T/H resin sand line, one rotary blast machine of 300 tons which is 10m*10m, three CNC high-temperature heat treatment furnaces which are 12m*7m*5m, 8m*4m*3.5m and 8m*4m*3.3m respectively, one electric arc furnace dust equipment with filtration area of 30,000 square meters. The independent testing center is equipped with chemical laboratory, direct-reading spectrometer, impact machine, tensile testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, hardness tester, metallurgical microscope, etc.

After 30 years of hard work in the foundry industry, now we have a first-class R&D center and an experienced and skilled technical team. Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company specializes in manufacturing large and extra-large steel casting products. The production process adopts joint casting, disposable tissue 450 tons of molten steel. The weight of single casting is up to 300 tons. The products can be used in different industries, mainly involved in the cement industry, shipbuilding forging, metallurgy, engineering machinery, bridges, water conservancy project, electricity, etc. Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company provides variety of the national key equipment manufacturing, high quality multi-standard carbon steel, alloy steel castings.

Recalling the history of the company’s development, Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company deeply realizes that the healthy development is the absolute principle. Through the implementation of OEC management mode, bringing in the advanced technology, equipped with high-precision heavy processing equipment and a series of hardware facilities, and perfecting the after-sale service system, the company has become one large private heavy equipment manufacturing base, basing on casting, setting the research and sale of casting materials, mold manufacturing, large machining, hydraulic parts assembly, import and export trade as a whole.

All staff of Henan Qianjin Steel Foundry Company have always bear the responsibility of the history mission of “a hundred years forward, casting a billion enterprise”, and will continue to be a first-class R&D team with a business purpose of creating superior product quality and providing excellent service. We will create brilliant tomorrow with new and old customers of the world together.

Welcome to henan forward of heavy forging co., LTD