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Quality idea: to get things right the first time, every time put the quality well.
Marketing concept: a steady, rob, harmony; Oriental bright and bright in the west. Marketing concept: credibility of the first sale, and selling the products.
Employment concept: meritocracy, favoritism. Everyone is a talent, our view is that the competition is more important than the choice.
After-sales service: to help our customers, the trouble of the user into the precise steps of our products.
Enterprise idea
Management mode

OEC management mode: O stands for the whole range. E for 3 E, refers to every person, every thing, every day. C control and clean up. This management mode is to ensure that today's work must be finished higher quality than yesterday, tomorrow's goal must be higher than today.
The enterprise culture

Vision: ten years development of heavy forging industry leading brand.
Mission: to hundred, cast billions of enterprise.
Spirit: respect people, dedication, innovation, efficiency and gratitude.
The way of work: at work, we have the perseverance and tenacity.

Character: the character of honesty, integrity, filial piety.
Values: daughter group values, successful people not win in the beginning, but win in the turning point, everyone is a manager, make work more efficiently.
Enterprise guidance: loyal to the enterprise, professional dedication, has the team cooperation spirit, innovation.

Must do five things. Everything is plan first, everything someone responsible, rules-based everything, everything in an orderly way, everything is in an orderly way, everything is well documented, and everything is well documented, everything is supervised.

Enterprise Strategy

Strategic Vision: Build a platform, integrate resources, advance with the times, seek common development, strive to build a cluster foundry equipment base which features national standardization, scale development, personalized, environment friendly.​